February 1, 2018 Edition

Mules Make a Comeback in 2018

By Tatyana Ransome | Photographs by Tatyana Ransome | Model Shannon O’Donnell

Mules are the hottest trend this year. A mule is a type of shoe that has no constraint or back around the foot’s heel. Everywhere you look, you see different styles, patterns, textures and details in an array of colors. Mules can be worn with anything in your closet and outfits don’t have to be super dressy.

Let’s look at how Shannon pairs her mules with her everyday outfit choices and her adored

Chloe + Isabel pieces from Tatyana’s online boutique.

Take a break from wearing pants, grab a flirty dress of any hue and slip on your mules.

As displayed in this photo, Shannon reached for a ravishing red patterned dress with a square cut bracelet and a floral necklace to add a little more sass to a chic, yet causal, outfit.

This Florida weather is all over the place, and it is hard to dress for the sporadic changes in temperature.

You don’t know if you should wear sandals or choose boots to stay warm.

Opt for the best of both worlds by wearing a baby pink sweater with a fresh pearl necklace and tan mules to tie the outfit together. This way, you can be warm in the morning and comfortably cool if the temperature begins to rise by noon.

Fashion is all about having fun and adding a pop of color when you feel it is necessary. This outfit demonstrates that approach by adding soft, suede pink mules to this ensemble. Less is more, and that is what the model was going for with this fashion choice. No matter where you are headed, mules are always going to be a great choice. They are extremely convenient and are perfect for those days when you want to hang out at the park.

2018-02-01 / Features

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